The Butterfly Preschool

Behaviour Management Policy

The Butterfly Preschool staff will encourage children to behave in a positive and appropriate way

The nursery believes that children need to develop self-control and be able to express their emotions in an acceptable way. In order to help children master these skills, the preschool staff will talk to children about their actions, offer alternatives and work towards children taking responsibility for their actions. 

Staff will not use physical punishment, but will follow the procedure below: 

  • Approach conflict calmly and stop unwanted behaviour 
  • Acknowledge feelings of children 
  • Gather information from children about the problem 
  • Re-state the problem to children, changing unacceptable language 
  • Find solution to the problem with children

The Butterfly Preschool has no smacking policy. However, we understand that children sometimes may become out of control, hitting out at other children or becoming destructive and/or disruptive. 

Children need boundaries for their behaviour and physical punishment is not the answer. Staff will help children to understand and reinforce within the setting self-discipline and self control with an appreciation of other children’s needs, rights and feelings. Some children may be in need of support systems to help them deal with their feelings. This can be explored through targeted observations and activities. 

The nursery undertakes work with children in a consistent way – making sure expectations are made clear to parents or carers and also to reinforce positive behaviour at all times. Staff practice consistency when working with children in need of more attention. 

If a child becomes out of control, it is better to remove the child from the situation for a while giving him or her other activities in smaller groups until they are able to control their feelings better. 

  • We take bullying very seriously; we therefore encourage children to think about issues from the viewpoint of others 
  • We set, explain and maintain clear, reasonable and consistent limits so that children can play, feeling safe and secure
  • We provide activities and experiences to help children understand what is right, what is wrong, and why
  • We support children to consider the consequences of their words and actions for themselves and others

At no time will children be made to feel intimidated, humiliated or be in fear. If the above fails to have positive changes on children’s behaviour, we will seek support and guidance from Wandsworth Early Years.