The Butterfly Preschool

Local offer of support to children with Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

Statement linking early years setting to the Merton local offer

The Butterfly Preschool is welcoming and nurturing, it is a place where children settle in quickly and easily because consideration is given to the individual needs and circumstances of each child and their families. We endeavour to make each child feel safe, stimulated and happy during their time with us. We aim to provide an environment in which children are supported to reach their full potential and we work closely with parents to make sure each child’s needs are met.

Name of setting and introductory inclusion statement

At The Butterfly Preschool we believe that equal opportunities for all are an integral part of education and we aim to build on the skills and experiences of each member of our school community, irrespective of their race, gender, home background or impairment provided that there are good prospects of meeting their needs without unduly prejudicing the education and welfare of other children. We know that parents want the best for their child and by working in partnership with them and consulting with them when needed, we hope that each child will thrive and achieve their potential with us. The staff team work closely together and with parents to support each child’s individual learning journey and by doing this we can identify early if a child may have a specific need and therefore get them any additional support that may be required.

Due to restrictions on space, facilities and personnel trained to deal with profound disabilities, the nursery may be unable to admit children with physical or serious long-term emotional or behavioural disabilities.

Who is our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator?

At The Butterfly Preschool, our Special Education Needs Co-ordinator is, Mrs Charlotte Butterfill, Mrs Gautami Patel & Mrs Paromita Ghatak and parents are welcome to speak to both of them or their child’s key person at any time if they have concerns about their child. 

What should I do if I am concerned about my child’s progress or special educational needs?

The nursery operates an open door policy. If a parent has any concerns about their child’s progress they can speak to their child’s key person. Their key person is the teacher who is responsible for them during their time in the nursery and is responsible for observing, evaluating and planning for the individual needs of their children. They are also there to encourage the families to participate in their child’s learning, and to help each child form positive relationships with the other staff and children in the nursery.

A parent can also speak to the Head teacher Mrs Charlotte and well as the Deputy SENCos Mrs Gautami & Mrs Paromita and Miss Howida.

How does the setting decide whether a child has special educational needs and what extra help they need?

When a child arrives at the nursery and has already had a SEND (Special Educational Need or Disability) identified, we will work with people who have already been put in place to support the child and we will use the information available to us to implement a PSP (Personal Support Plan) for that child so we can support and manage them to the best of our ability.

If a parent expresses concerns that their child has a SEND or our staff feels a child has a SEND we will discuss it with the parents and determine whether the child’s understanding and behaviour is the same at home and nursery. We will then work with the parents, involving them at every stage and we will implement a PSP for the child which has review dates and targets. If we feel it is appropriate we will have a meeting with the parents to discuss bringing in an outside agency to help support the child. The progress and strategies used to support the child will be recorded following a graduated approach. This might lead to an EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan) being put in place. 


How will I know how my child is   doing and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?

The   Butterfly Preschool operate an open door policy and parents can come and chat   to the head teacher, their child’s key person or the SENCo either before   school or at the end of each session. They can also have access to their   child’s file which tracks their progress and celebrates their achievements   during their time at the nursery.

The nursery   carry’s out home visits for each new child starting our nursery. This gives   the parents an opportunity to talk about their children and raise any   concerns they may have before starting nursery. 

The nursery   holds two parent’s meetings, one in the autumn term, one in the spring term and an end of year report is given to all parents at the end of the summer term. 

If your child has a SEND, as a parent you will be involved in every decision that is made regarding your child’s support and we will implement a Personal Support   Plan which will be used in the nursery and that can also be used to support   the child’s learning at home. 


How do you assess and review my   child’s progress?

Each child’s   key person is responsible for assessing the child’s progress. Each week their   key person observes their children, evaluates their observations and plans   for their individual needs and is constantly monitoring their progress in all   7 areas of learning set out in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). The   nursery also has a weekly staff meeting where each child’s progress can be   discussed in confidence and this can also help inform the planning for each   child. When a child is able to do a task or achieves something wonderful this   is recorded in their file. 

In a child’s first term at nursery if they start at 2 years they will get a two   year assessment check. Parents will receive a short written summary of their   child’s development in the three prime areas which are: Communication and   language, Physical Development, Personal, social and Emotional Development.   These prime areas are particularly crucial for igniting child’s curiosity and  enthusiasm for learning, and for building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive. This progress check will help to identity each child’s strengths   and highlight any areas where a child may need additional help.

If a child has a SEND, as mentioned above a Personal Support Plan is implemented with   the agreement of the parents and targets and dates to review the child’s   progress and achievements are set together.


How is the teaching and curriculum   adapted to my child’s needs?

At The   Butterfly Preschool staff are trained to plan their activities so that they   can be easier or more challenging so that each child is able to learn at   their own pace and in their own way. The staff are there to adapt the   resources, provide age appropriate challenges for each child and to give   support when needed. 

The nursery   will also provide training for staff if needed to support a child and   additional resources or materials will be purchased if it can enhance a   child’s learning. 

The nursery   follows the EYFS; we have areas dedicated to each of the 7 areas of learning   and we understand that they are all important and interlinked. Children can   start at the nursery from two years old so we make sure that the curriculum   is flexibly structured so that as each child approaches the end of their time   with us, at four plus, they are best prepared for their next school in line   with the prevailing education policy.


What support is there for my child’s   emotional well-being?

Each child   has a key person who is responsible for making them feel secure, safe and   happy in the nursery environment. They are   also there to encourage their children to make positive relationships with the   other staff and their peers. Before a child starts at the nursery we ask   parents to fill out the  “All about me” form so that when each child starts at the nursery we know who   is important to them, what they like doing, if they have attended a setting   previously and other important information that we can use to help them   settle more quickly with us.

All the   staff are there to help the children build good relationships within the   setting and they can help with this by role modelling behaviour and language.


How do you promote positive   behaviour?

At The   Butterfly Preschool we know that successful behavioural management policy   depends on good communication and positive relationships between children,   staff and parents. We are always fair, consistent and clear in our response   to behaviour and positive reinforcement is used as much as possible. 


What training and specialist skills   do the staff supporting children with SEND have or are having?

Both Mrs   Charlotte, the head teacher and Mrs Gautami & Mrs Paromita our deputy SENCo   have attended “The role of a SENCo”. This training is provided by Wandsworth   council so is up to date and relevant. 

All our   staff have many years of experience working within the childcare sector and   have a real passion for what they do. Mrs Charlotte is a qualified teacher   and the rest of the team are level 3 childcare qualification or are working   towards it.

However, if   a child has a SEND and extra training of staff is required, where possible we   will endeavour to undertake this training to be in the best position to   support the child and meet their needs. However, depending on what is   required, this may not always be possible. 


What do you do to make the setting   environment and curriculum accessible for all children?

The   Butterfly Preschool aims to provide equal opportunities to all of its   children, including those with disabilities or a SEN. Where possible we will   adapt the environment to make it accessible for each child but on occasion   due to restrictions on space and facilities this may not always be possible.

We make the curriculum accessible for all children by making the activities age   appropriate and by adapting them to meet the needs of each child, making them   easier or more challenging where necessary. Also when purchasing resources   consideration is given to the suitability of the items from equal   opportunities point of view, ensuring that they help promote equality in the   nursery.


How will the setting prepare my   child to join the setting and transition to the next school?

The   Butterfly Preschools aim is for every child to have a happy and simulating   time at nursery. This also means making sure the parents/carers have   confidence in our ability and we can work together to make their time in   nursery an unforgettable experience.

The procedures we have in place for new children:

  • In the summer term before the children start, the parents and children are   invited into the nursery for a tea party. This allows the children to be   introduced to the setting and staff as well as a information afternoon for   parents to understand how the nursery works
  • Home visits are conducted the day before the children start at nursery. This   allows the teachers to see them in their home environment and learn a little   bit about what they like. This also gives the teacher a chance to go through   the child’s registration form and all about me form the parents would have filled-in
  • If a child has a known additional need and is using the Portage service or any   other professional then a meeting will be set up at the school, prior to the   child starting, to ensure a continuation of care is carried out and the   child’s key worker is aware of the child’s abilities
  • The first couple of days at nursery are ‘stay and play’ sessions where parents   come in to play with their children to help them feel secure and comfortable   in the nursery environment

When a  child is leaving our nursery we always talk to them about their new school   and make sure that they understand what is happening and how exciting this   next step is for them. We have one day where all the children can come in   their new school uniform and we have a circle time to allow the children to   discuss with their peers where they are going onto. We provide the on going   school with a transition form that captures the child’s ability and a little   bit about the child’s likes and dislikes. With some of the schools we also do   school visits so the children get to look around with their key worker before   they leave our setting. 

Our aim is to make sure, where possible that each child is independent and ready for the   transition. 


What specialist services from   outside does the school use to help meet children’s needs and how do you work   together?

When a   child has a SEND the nursery will work in partnership with the child’s   parents and will often bring in an outside agency to support the child e.g. a   specific therapist. We will then all work together to implement strategies   and an PSP, setting targets and review dates.


What should I do if I am unhappy   with my child’s support or progress?

If a parent   wishes to make a complaint or raise any concerns that they might have, they   must first approach Mrs Charlotte, the head teacher and she will endeavour to   deal with the complaint or concerns efficiently and without delay. At this point   all relevant parties will be informed. If the above procedure is insufficient   to resolve the issue a more formal approach should be made in writing to the   head teacher expressing the complaint or concern.

After a consultation between the head teacher, parents and the nursery staff where   appropriate, a concerned plan of action will be prepared, put forward and   agreed by all parties. Minutes will be taken at any meetings which may take   place and these, along with any other relevant paperwork must be attached to   the files of the child concerned.

Should   parents still remain dissatisfied, they should contact OFSTED directly.

The contact details are as follows:


Ofsted   Early Years

Piccadilly   Gate

Store   Street


M1 2WD

0845   6404040


Where can I go for further advice   and support?

The   Wandsworth Parent Partnership Service provides an impartial and confidential   service to all parents of children with SEND. Visit their website at or telephone 02088718061.

The   Wandsworth Parents Forum “Positive Parent Action” works with the council to   improve all provision for children and young people with SEN and Disabilities   aged 0 25. If you want to get involved in influencing services visit their   website at or telephone 0208 9475260

More   information about the local offer of services and support for children and   young people with special needs and disabilities in Wandsworth can be found   on The family Information Services website at . Their helpline is open   from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday 0208 8717899

The information in this report is accurate now, but we regularly review and make changes to what we offer and keep this information as up to date as possible. 

Feedback: This offer is intended to give you clear, accurate and accessible information. If you would like to comment on the content of the offer or make suggestions to improve the information, please email